Easygo Holidays offers units for RV Vacation Rental purposes in select regions of the Okanagan Valley.

The RV trailers range in sizes from 20 feet to 34 feet. All of our RVs are equipped with smoke and propane alarms for safety. Call us at 250-707-1117 to discuss any special requirements you may have. Please note that we reserve the right to substitute RV trailers when necessary.

Important note for Cancellations

Easygo Holidays cannot responsible for events beyond its control. Full refunds will not be issued for cancellations due to external factors. Such factors include but are not limited to extreme weather, natural disasters or changes government policy. Please refer to the Deposits and Payments section for our reembursment policy.


Golden Rule #1 - Report problems or damages right away.

  • Call us immediately if anything isn’t working or isn’t to your satisfaction.
  • Don’t wait until the end of your rental to report issues because then it will be too late for us to help.

While charges may apply for damaged equipment, we always prefer and encourage our customers to contact us right away regarding any issues. This ensures we can provide our best service to you as soon as possible while also ensuring that everything is fixed prior to our busy weekend schedule.

Easygo Holidays is committed to providing an excellent service – we’re here to help!

Golden Rule #2 - Leave your RV clean.

  • Collaboration with the clean up is mandatory: upon arrival, observe the clean condition of the RV. At the end of your rental, clean the RV so that it is left in the same clean condition as when it was delivered to you.

We sincerely don’t want to charge any customers extra fees because they neglected to clean their RV... But if an RV is left dirty, extra fees are unavoidable because a dirty RV penalizes the next customer with a late delivery and severely disrupts our busy weekend delivery schedule.

Cleanup is very easy - simply leave the RV the way you got it!

Tips for Cleanup

  • Always take your shoes off before entering - sand is for the beach, not the RV.
  • Wash and store: All utensils, dishes, pots, and pans.
  • Clean & sweep all floors.
  • Clean all appliances inside and out (fridge, stove, microwaves,etc.).
  • Clean shower and toilet.
  • Clean sink, countertops and tables.
  • Clean all upholstery.

Policy for Cleanup and Damage

  • Our cleaning staff have the sole discretion to determine if an RV meets our cleanliness standards for delivery to the next customer.
  • Please do not ask our truck drivers to inspect the RV - it is only our cleaning staff who check the cleanup.
  • A cleanup and damage charge of $300 will apply if a customer neglects to clean the RV to the standard of Easygo Holidays.

Thank you in advance!

Golden Rule #3 - Check out time = 10:00am SHARP .

  • Our 10:00am check out time is earlier than campground checkout times. This is required so that we can prepare and deliver each RV in a timely manner to the next happy camper, just like you!

Golden Rule #4 - Don’t touch the black sewer valve.

  • Our sewer systems are professionally managed between all customers. The systems can handle a week of standard camping without any maintenance through the campsite hook-ups.

What do you do if you smell a foul odor? Here are the steps to follow:

  • DO NOT RELY ON THE SEWER GAGE: these cheap gadgets fail to provide accurate readings of the sewage tank level. The best way to check is to simply look down the toilet hole.
  • DO NOT PULL OPEN THE BLACK SEWER VALVE: an empty sewage tank will only make an odor worse. Trust us, you don’t want to pull that black valve..
  • Open all windows and doors so the odor can ventilate out of the RV.
  • Flush one or two large buckets of water down the toilet.
  • If the odor persists, please call us.

Golden Rule #5 - Air conditioning system is not built to run non-stop all day.

  • Operate air conditioning only when you’re in the RV.
  • Check that all windows, including ceiling vents are closed.
  • Operate the AC only when you’re in the RV.
  • Turn the AC on at MAXIMUM FAN with MEDIUM COLD (24°C / 74°F).
  • Do not run the AC colder than 24°C / 74°F, as a breakdown will occur.

Golden Rule #6 -Wrap up the awning anytime it’s unattended (including overnight).

  • The set-up and take-down of awnings is the responsibility of the customer.
  • It’s required to wrap up the awning overnight and at any time that the RV is unattended.

Questions about how to setup an awning?
There are many resources and guides available online. Please search “how to operate a manual awning on RV trailer” on YouTube, for example. If you still need advice after some research, feel free to call us.

…And that concludes the “6 Golden Rules for Happy Camping”... By following the above rules, we’re sure you’ll have an amazing camping experience! For more information about our rental policies, keep reading below.

Rental Periods

Our most popular and usual rental periods last one or two weeks in duration during the high season (July & August). However, our customers are also welcome to book for shorter periods of just a few days if the scheduling permits. Call us anytime to discuss possibilities for your desired dates!

Delivery and Setup

We deliver and set up to your location of choice in our service areas!

Please note that RVs are not to be moved or towed by anyone other than Easygo Holidays. A $155 delivery charge is applicable for all local delivery within an RV’s service area.

Delivery Time: Before 3:00pm

We will make every effort to have your RV ready on-site before 3:00pm. Delivery times can sometimes be affected by events beyond our control such as traffic, blocked-in RVs, road closures due to special summer events, accidents, etc. There are no refunds for a late delivery.


We include propane for normal RV use only. For example, propane tanks cannot be moved and/or used with BBQ's. If the tanks are moved and/or used for purposes other than normal RV use, a $90 fee will apply per propane tank.

Included Items In The Rental RV

All of our RVs include: a fridge, stove, microwave, coffee maker, toaster, kettle, dishes, utensils, pots, and a broom. Please note that due to a high rate of damage, frying pans are no longer provided.

No refund will be provided for non-functioning or missing equipment. If you encounter any non-functioning or missing equipment, please notify us immediately so that we can repair or replace the item as soon as possible.

Recommended Items To Bring

We do not provide the following items, please bring your own: frying pan, bathroom supplies, bedding, linens, cleaning supplies, dish soap, toilet paper, scrubbers, disinfectant.

Bleach products are strictly forbidden.

Customer’s Responsibility

Easygo Holidays maintains its fleet of rental RVs in a clean and reliable condition, so that everyone can truly enjoy their camping experience. In order to maintain these conditions, certain common courtesy rules apply since these units are used by many families each season. Please read carefully:

Upon Arrival:

  • Take a moment to observe the clean condition of the RV... After you’ve finished your rental, please ensure to clean the RV so that it is left in the same clean condition like when it was delivered to you.
  • In the rare event that an RV is not in a satisfactory condition upon your arrival, call Easygo Holidays immediately.

During Your Stay

  • No pets inside RVs.
  • No smoking inside RVs.
  • Awnings are fragile and can easily be broken - do not leave awnings unattended.
  • Remove all footwear before entering the RV. Sand is for the beach, not the RV.
  • Pots and pans are for normal trailer cooking only. Do not use them on external BBQs or fires.
  • Propane tanks are for normal trailer use only. Do not move the tanks nor use them for external BBQs.

At the end of your stay:

  • Clean the RV so that it is left in the same clean condition as it was when you arrived.

Deposit and payments

  • A deposit equal to 45% of the total fee will be required at the time of booking.
  • The rental deposit is non-refundable after ten (10) days of its Interac E-Transfer payment date.
  • The remainder of the total rental fee will be due seven (7) days prior to the arrival date (by Interac E-Transfer).
  • Although we require credit card information in order to secure your booking (Visa or MasterCard), all payments are to be made to Easygo Holidays by Interac e-Transfer. Your credit card will only be used in the event of additional charges not covered by any e-Transfers (e.g damages).

PLEASE NOTE: renting an RV Vacation Rental Unit from Easygo Holidays implies consent and authorization to apply any additional fees necessitated due to non-compliance to our policies, as described on this page and your invoice.